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For over three decades, Giant has devoted itself to the growth of cycling. At Giant, the bicycle is more than just a machine; it's an integral component of society, a friend, and a way to explore the boundaries of your world. As the world's leading producer of quality bicycles, Giant Manufacturing owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, and Europe. Giant's unmatched manufacturing experience and advanced manufacturing processes and technology have resulted not just in extremely efficient bicycle production but, more importantly, the highest quality bicycles you’ll find today.

Giant continually strives to bring new technologies to the cycling community. From manufacturing processes to advanced performance designs, the Giant name is synonymous with technological innovation throughout the global bicycle industry. This dedication to constant improvement makes every Giant bicycle the best value with the highest quality available today. From the time the tubing is drawn to when the fully assembled bicycle is sitting on the showroom floor, Giant's quality control and customer service is second to none. And by utilizing its global resources, Giant improves its products for every type of cyclist, from kids to recreational riders to racers.

Giant has become the bicycle brand that offers the broadest line of bikes with the highest quality in the world. Today, Giant continues to improve the lives and lifestyles of people around the globe. As a truly global bicycle company, Giant looks forward to leading the continual advancement of the bicycle not just through research and development, but also by being guided by what's in the hearts and souls of riders around the globe.
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